Postpartum Mental Health

Broken Hearts By Jenna Fletcher

When a person has a broken heart, it is important that they take care of themselves. Simply remembering to eat and drink enough throughout the day and talking to others when possible are important steps in taking care of oneself.

Sometimes, however, a broken heart is not healable with self-care. In these instances, a person may wish to speak with a mental health professional.

This article discusses self-care for a broken heart and when to contact a professional for help.

A broken heart occurs when a person experiences loss. Most often, people use this phrase to describe how someone feels after the breakdown of a romantic relationship.

However, this is not the only cause of a broken heart. A person may also experience similar feelings after:

  • the death of a family member
  • a friendship ending
  • the loss of a job or opportunity
  • child loss or infertility
  • the loss of a pet
  • any other loss that affects a person’s emotional well-being

Experiencing these events is very stressful, particularly if the loss happens unexpectedly.

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